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Native American Prayer Tools and Art

Our Products

On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.
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  • California White Sage
  • Russian Sage
  • Angelica Root              
  • Sweet Grass                 
  • Kanik kanik   
  • Cedar
  • Lavendar                 
  • Loose or bundled      
  • Loose product sold by weight


Art by registered tribal members only

Our Sage is handpicked and bundled carefully to appreciate every aspect the sage has to offer us.
$4.00 small
$6.00 Large

Bumble bee in flight


Prayer kit~Abalone Shell, feather, and ceramic dish. Includes sage bundle,angelica root,sweetgrass braid,candle & lava rock .Detailed instructions on proper use included.

Large Abalone Shell

Large & Small Abalone Shells

Natural wooden box for loose sage
Small & Large Boxes 2x3,3x5, & 4x6


  • Our kits can be modified to meet your specific needs.


Custom blending of herbs to achieve balance in your life. Email me and we can decide together from your needs what blend is best for you. All Herbs come from Mt Rose Herbs in Eugene, Oregon and are organic and processed upon order for the utmost quality and freshness. Whether you need immunity boosters to help you to resist colds, you dont want to take prescription drugs, please my herbal teas will help you .Detox,depression,ibs,cancer,shingles,anxiety,blood pressure issues,appetite suppresent...the list goes on and on.Let me know your needs and I can help.

Medicine Shields~Medicine Bags~Dream Catchers~ Baskets~Jewelery~and much more

Hand beaded feathers by Louie Sorter


We believe you will enjoy our art like no other.

Hand painted feathers by Pamela Rios

Sacred Sage" How it heals." Booklet $ 7.00
Email us for instructions on how to make a sage heart wreath.

Family members involved~ Red Hawk (Louie Sorter), Running Dear (Pamela Rios), Little One (Vickie Sorter), White Buffalo (Becky Rios-Brown), White Feather, (Parker Brown) and spirtual help from our grandmother Esther Jensen & her mother Pearl Ince. 

*Registered Karuk Tribal members ~ Happy Camp, California